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Let the expert chiropractor in Burgess Hill help you feel better

At Chiropractic House we understand how pain can affect the way you feel, move and live. Our chiropractor specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of painful spinal, muscle and joint conditions, helping you to recover your mobility and your peace of mind. Whether your pain is the result of an accident, stress, a lack of exercise, poor posture, a sports injury or post surgical and wear and tear, we can help. Call Chiropractic House in Burgess Hill today and begin your journey towards a fitter future.

About chiropractic care

As chiropractic doctors we undergo intensive training and have expert knowledge of the mechanical disorders of your musculoskeletal system and the effects these have on your wellbeing. We do not perform any invasive procedures or prescribe any pharmaceutical medicines. Chiropractic treatment is a natural form of healthcare that is suitable for babies through to people over ninety. Through the skilful handling of your muscles and joints, experienced chiropractors have the ability to feel and alleviate your pain, which is why chiropractic is the second largest primary health care in the world after medicine.

Chiropractor at work in Burgess Hill


We provide a range of treatments tailored to your specific needs, whether you have a sporting injury or simply a postural problem we are here to help. Our services include: 
  • RockTaping (kinesiology support tape popular with sports men and women)
  • Dry Needling (a relaxing stimulation of the muscles)
  • Deep Tissue Massage and Fascial (connective tissue) release
  • Postural & Ergonomic advice
  • Dietary & Exercise advice
Chiropractor at work in Burgess Hill
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