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If you have suffered any kind of injury then you know how debilitating even a slight pain can be if left untreated. At Chiropractic House in Burgess Hill we aim to help you feel better, move better and live better through various targeted chiropractic treatments. While everyone recovers differently, the results can often change lives. But don't take our word for it. Here are just a few of the kind testimonials our clients have shared with us. For more information or to make an appointment, feel free to give us a call.
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Hanne is a fantastic Chiropractor. I took my 14-year-old son for a treatment after being in and out of specialist consulting rooms with a groin/lower back sports injury, and after a just few sessions he felt the best he had felt in years. It is so reassuring to know, as a parent, that help for your child is just a phone call away. Most rugby seasons I find myself back in the clinic with him, if only for a once over MOT. Great advice and support is always provided in a relaxed, caring atmosphere. Highly recommended.

Claudia, Clinic Manager, Ditchling

I was recommended to Hanne by a good friend eleven years ago and thank God I was. I am a children’s nurse and had been nursing for twenty three years, my back had taken the brunt of the patient lifting that we were trained to do. These days NO nurse is allowed to lift. We are taught to safely slide if required and to use hoists and specific equipment. I had my first back injury at the age of 23, in those days you were signed off for weeks and told to lie on a hard surface until it was better. The worst advice and treatment as research now shows. From that injury onwards, my back gave me problems, I regularly saw an Osteopath for treatment, who kept my back in alignment and I continued to nurse. Following a severe back injury whilst swimming abroad aged 37, (a wave crashed into my spine) I suffered a slipped disc, an M.R.I scan showed not only the prolapsed disc but a degeneration in my spine, and I was told by the Consultant that my spine was 20 years older in appearance than me and that I should retire from nursing aged 38. That was when I first saw Hanne. She worked her magic, the power of chiropractic treatment, to this day 11 years on, never fails to impress me. I went from continual severe pain in my legs and the doom of retirement from nursing to a pain free existence and working full-time as a paediatric nurse in a children’s hospice.

I see Hanne every month for my “full body service” just as you would service your car regularly; this has enabled me to live a normal life as a nurse and as an able bodied lady. I truly believe if it wasn't for Hanne’s clever hands and experience I would have been declared disabled 11 years ago. Hanne never once gave me anything but hope, treating my symptoms and working her magic. I trust her completely. For ‘The Power and Magic of chiropractic treatment” – I thank you Hanne.

Cathie Regan, Nurse, Worthing, West Sussex

Both Deborah and I would like to thank you for all of the hard work, advice and support that you have given us both over the last year. The work you have carried out on Deborah’s back has improved her quality of life and the treatment of my sport’s injury assisted me greatly in my pursuit of a particular goal. Your approach to my injury was unbelievable, your professional and yet modern holistic approach resulting in me being able to heal at the same time as continuing to train, thereby enabling me to complete this year’s London Marathon. This assisted me in raising a sum of money for ‘Help the Hospices’ and you were very much a contributing factor in this overall donation. You are genuinely pleasant, enthusiastic and very knowledgeable professional, who is not afraid to experiment with new techniques and equipment where it is appropriate. As such, I have no problem in recommending your services to my family, friends and clients. As you know, I provide services throughout your area and it has been a pleasure to be able to recommend to my clients a talented and qualified professional such as yourself. Long may you continue to see the high standards for others in your profession to emulate.

Mike Clifford, Fire Engineer, Burgess Hill, West Sussex

I have always seemed to have a problem regarding physical flexibility. I was never able to touch my toes. I could not swim on my front, crawl or breast stroke, because I was unable to lift my head out of the water or turn to the side to take a breath – so I swam with mask and snorkel and had no trouble at all. I injured by lower back as a result of a parachute jump on my 50th birthday, (a present from my ex-wife). I also did some damage falling off or being thrown off horses in my early sixties.
Advised that yoga would help improve my flexibility, I attended classes with my second wife. Most of the exercises were beyond my physical capability, so the teacher, on explaining the next exercise would say, “and Tony, do what you can”. So I did and gave up yoga. I have, over the years, had treatments from several chiropractors, osteopaths and masseuses etc, but finally began to see Hanne K-N in 2005. Since then Hanne has sorted out all my aches and pains, strains and self-inflicted damage and I have learned to value her skills and easy manner, but also to trust her ‘health coaching’, easy suggestions which have resulted in significant improvements to my general health. I no longer eat wheat, bread, or those lovely cakes, which were so important to me. I’ve also given up sugar, after a lifetime of two spoonfuls per cup of tea. A few years ago on holiday in Dubai I took a ride on a speedboat, in quite a choppy sea. One wave resulted in my leaving my seat and coming back down  with a crash. The pain in my neck was excruciating. I saw a local chiropractor that carried out a careful examination and gave me two treatments, passing electrical currents through my back muscles. So, on return from holiday, I was off to see Hanne. I was able to show her the X-rays, on DVD’s from Dubai, which she examined and suggested that I had D.I.S.H. I wondered if that meant – dish-gusting?, dish-figuring? Or even dish-abilitating? She soon clarified it for me:- Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis. Clarification of the vertebrae, which occurs over many years and can lead to limitations in motion.
So after all those experts over many years, Hanne gives a diagnosis. On her advice I saw a spinal consultant who confirmed her observation. Hanne is more than a very skilled and empathetic chiropractor, she thinks deeply about her work and I am indebted to her, not only for the very effective treatments but also for her thoughtful advice regarding ways in which I can improve my health. As a psychotherapist I have long recognised the importance of the connection between physical and mental/emotional health – ‘Homeostasis’, which I think, sums up her work.

Tony Warren, Psychotherapist, Burgess Hill, West Sussex

Thank you most sincerely for the treatments and help you are and have given me over the years. I can never really express my gratitude to you in words.

Pat, former employee of Chiropractic House, Burgess Hill

I have been coming to see Hanne Krogsgaard-Nielsen for over fifteen years now and feel extremely fortunate that I found her.
I arrived at her practice after collapsing at home with excruciating back pain, my spine felt completely disjointed from my legs and to try and walk, let alone stand up straight was terrifying – and I was only 35. My husband found Hanne’s telephone number in the yellow pages and managed to get me in the car to see her. I hobbled into her practice on a stick, bent over and feeling like a 90 year old and in a lot of pain. Hanne was gentle, reassuring and although I felt that I hadn't been with her that long a session, I was amazed to find that I could walk out straighter and without the stick. She told me it would take quite a few sessions to get me back to where I was, and more, but I had to put my trust and care into her capable hands and to follow her advice. I saw her 3 times that week, then a couple of times the following week until I got to see her once a week and then monthly. I had damaged my spine with my long term bad posture, carrying heavy school bags, childhood accidents, carrying my children everywhere, moving large pieces of furniture as I couldn't wait for others to do it…all those bad habits that you pick up along the way…and to top it all I had just started a small gardening business that consisted of four hours a week to fit around my children’s school time. I felt that the future now was going to be very different and I would be of no physical use to anyone. Fifteen years later of Hanne’s healing hands and her gentle reminder, I work 20 hours a week in my gardens, I think before I move my back in any situation, I wear a scarf when its is cold and windy, I keep my back warm and secure, I have been going to Pilates once a week, on Hanne’s advice, for six years AND I go to see Hanne once a month for maintenance that keeps me in tip top condition. She continually teaches me, reminds me and helps me when I have another episode, but the fact that I can still work and carry on doing what I love, I am absolutely blessed. I do feel the odd tweaks and always over do it once and a while, who doesn't?, but I am able to care for myself at home, remembering all that she has taught me, get the ice pack out, potter about, do gentle stretching, and generally within a day or two I am back to normal. I always listen to my back now, but I don’t let it control my life…I control it!

Candy Rowe, Gardener, Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex 

After an enjoyable Christmas playing with the children, I suffered a sledging injury! I went to see Hanne and not only did she identify and alleviate the problem but resolved rather old injuries I previously had. My sledging performance has improved no end!

Mr. Todd, Haywards Heath, West Sussex

I made my first visit to a chiropractor in 65 years when one Saturday evening I developed a pain in my hip and upper thigh area which was excruciating. I had no idea what I had done to cause this. It got worse over Sunday until I was unable to stand, sit or lie down. Trying to sit on the loo was particular agony!!
After two nights with little or no sleep Hanne kindly saw me Monday morning and by Monday evening my movement and the pain had improved greatly. I was able to sleep in my bed and sit relatively comfortably. By the time I saw her again two days later I was almost pain free and another treatment did the job. It was like a miracle! I cannot thank Hanne enough for her help, and will be recommending her to everyone I meet from now on!

 Sue Darnell, Haywards Heath
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