Your Burgess Hill specialist in back pain, sports injuries, posture problems and more

Our skilled chiropractor can help you recover from pain with a treatment program which is tailored to your specific needs and addresses your lifestyle where necessary. Whether you have back pain from an old injury, poor posture or a sporting injury which isn't going away on its own, Chiropractic House in Burgess Hill is here to help you regain your well-being.
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Your first visit

The first time you visit Chiropractic House we ask you a comprehensive list of questions about your immediate pain, your lifestyle and your medical history. This way we can determine the root causes of your condition and not merely the symptoms. We then perform a full examination which includes a motion evaluation of your joints, the balance of your muscular system, the integrity of your nervous system, blood pressure and orthopaedic tests. Where necessary, we will recommend another form of treatment or refer you to your General Practitioner.

Your first visit lasts approximately 1 hour and subsequent visits for treatment last about 20-30minutes.
Discussing back pain treatment with a patient in Burgess Hill

Why treat pain? 

Something is wrong. Pain is often one of the body’s last signals to indicate that something might be wrong. Ideally it is best to come and see a chiropractic doctor as early as you can, because the longer you leave the pain, the harder it may be to treat and the healing process will therefore take longer.
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What happens during treatment?

Chiropractors manipulate joints manually, and in doing so remove obstructions in the musculoskeletal system. Techniques are tailored to suit the individual patient's body. This treatment is known as ‘adjustment’ or ‘manipulation’. In many cases the body cannot heal itself until the malfunctions are significantly improved or removed. Musculoskeletal problems can be addressed in the form of various treatments:
  • RockTaping is a technique that is popular with sports men and woman, but is also efficient in other cases
  • Dry needling is relaxing and a stimulation of the muscles
  • Deep tissue massage and fascial release (connective tissue release)
  • Postural & Ergonomic advice
  • Dietary & Exercise advice
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The recovery process

The acute phase is when a patient is disabled by severe pain. At this time the body is often not capable of healing itself without professional help, this is when the chiropractor takes the lead role and the patient is passive. As treatment progresses, patients will become more and more actively involved in their own recovery. We aim to educate you with the knowledge and tools to manage your own health.


Chiropractic is all about a partnership between the doctor and the patient. Everyone is unique, there is no one quite like you, and through working together we can create a treatment programme that is tailored specifically to your symptoms, medical circumstances and lifestyle.
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